Shaggy’s Family Fun Beach Restaurant

shaggys pensacola beach fl

Shaggys Pensacola Beach FL

In June 2005, Ron Ladner was fueling his boat at a bait shop in Pass Harbor, Mississippi when the shop’s owner told him he was selling. Ron immediately thought about how cool it would be to install a kitchen and serve fresh seafood, burgers and cocktails Key West style.

It didn’t work out at first because he and his future business partner were busy with their own businesses. However, everything changed when Hurricane Katrina slammed into Pass Christian. The bait shop, along with most of the town, was lost. Ron decided that a bright new restaurant was a great way to rebuild both the shop and local spirit.

Construction started two years later in the spring of 2007 and Shaggy’s Pass Christian opened in early summer. Ron decided to paint the building bright red to breathe life back into the town during a time of great need.

Today, Shaggy’s Waterfront Bar and Grill has four bright red Gulf Coast locations including; the original one in Pass Harbor; a second one in Biloxi Beach Mississippi; a third in Orange Beach, Alabama and, most recently, a fourth right here in Pensacola Beach, Florida.

All locations are super casual kid-friendly hangouts and in spectacular waterfront locations.  None of them have windows so the breeze blows right through.  The dining room feels a little like a beach island tree house with a great view and very romantic sunsets.  Shaggy’s is known for serving up some classic southern comfort food like deep fried platters, southern style BBQ shrimp and grilled fish sandwiches accompanied by tropical-themed cocktails.  If you aren’t into seafood, their cheeseburgers and nachos are also crowd pleasers.

Best of all, eating at Shaggy’s will help make the world a better place.  Ron is one of the founders of the Shaggy’s Kids Foundation whose mission is to introduce Gulf Coast kids to marine life and sport fishing.  It also helps educate children about the vital role marine life plays in the Gulf Coast environment.  Last summer, the foundation sent 50 Boys and Girls Club members to a camp hosted by the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport MS.

Shaggy’s Pensacola Beach is located on Little Sabine Bay, across from the Boardwalk.  For more information, visit the Shaggy’s website or call (850) 934-4852.