Splashing and Swashbuckling are What We Do Best

pirate and mermaid shows pensacola beach fl

Pirate and Mermaid Shows Pensacola Beach FL

When the weather is warm on Pensacola Beach, the pirates and the mermaids come out at the Holiday Inn Resort.

And it’s the only place they’ll stay.

Nope, you won’t find a scalawag or a lovely finned lady anywhere else on this island. The pirates and mermaids know this is the best place to stay. Which is why you’re here, right?

Pirates come to town in March and make their exit (by pirate ship, of course) at the end of September. You can find them out on the pool deck, having sword fights and telling kids to walk the plank … right into the swimming pool!

In this time, mermaids swim in our amazing beachfront pool. Every day, you’ll find them floating through the lazy river, sunning on the rocks or splashing in the shallow end – generally making cheerful chatter with guests.

They have pretty names like Diamond and Rainbow. You can ask them anything, like what mermaids eat or how it feels not to be able to walk on land.

They love talking to little friends like you.

And that’s not the only fun here at our resort. We also offer children’s activities, including bracelet making, face painting, bubble blowing and coloring.

When the sun goes down in the summer, check out our poolside “Dive Inn” movies, every night at 8 p.m. The big screen is set up near the large windows facing the lobby. Nightly titles are posted in the elevators.

Your parents were really clever to bring you here … because the best summers happen at Holiday Inn Resort.

Just ask the pirates and mermaids.

(Why do you think they keep coming back?)

– Ashley Kahn Salley
Lead Storyteller, Innisfree Hotels