Only Four Forts Like It

fort pickens pensacola beach fl

Fort Pickens Pensacola Beach FL

Triumphantly perched on the edge of Pensacola Beach stands a fortified piece of Civil War history called Fort Pickens.

Designed and engineered by a Confederate Major named William Chase, Fort Pickens was only one of four southern forts never to be controlled by Confederate forces. Despite countless attempts by Confederate soldiers to take the fort, the fort remained under the control of Union Lieutenant Adam J. Slemmer.

Because of Fort Pickens’ coastal location, it was considered to be an extremely vital fort during the Civil War. Soon after the war was over, the fort was used as a prison that even held the infamous Geronimo.

Today, visitors enjoy a more leisurely experience of Fort Pickens.

Bring the whole family and walk on the same grounds where Union soldiers once patrolled. Get an up close and personal look at the cannons on the fort and imagine what it may have been like to defend the coast against a rebel advance.

Head below the fort and into the dark, damp corridors for a truly haunting experience. Although Fort Pickens is not necessarily a place that is meant to scare visitors, there is certainly a chilling vibe as you walk through empty cell blocks still wet from a summer rain.

Climb to the top of the fort and gaze out over the emerald green water of the Gulf of Mexico. Since Fort Pickens is a popular fishing landmark, it is not uncommon to see plenty of fishing boats just off the coast.

If you are looking for a romantic venue or simply a spot to observe the sublimity of nature, look no further than sunset at Fort Pickens. Because Fort Pickens is located at the very Western tip of Pensacola’s bright white sands, nothing stands between you and the giant red ball in the sky. You will not want to pass up this breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

History and beauty! Make time to visit historic Fort Pickens, and you will not be disappointed.

Fort Pickens is located at 1400 Fort Pickens Road in Pensacola Beach FL. For more information on tours and park hours, call (850) 934-2600.

– Logan Singleton
Junior Copywriter, Innisfree Hotels