bodacious shops pensacola fl

Bodacious Shops Pensacola FL

The Bodacious team refers to it as a “bodacious family of shops” and that’s exactly what it is. Located on the corner of Palafox and Main, the center of Pensacola’s rapidly expanding downtown, is the convenient cluster of Bodacious Shops.

Bodacious Brew has been open since 2013, but got a major renovation in 2017 to the 100-year-old building. Alan, the General Manager, spoke to us about the changes.

“We really opened up the space in here, which allowed us to put in the stairs,” he says. “Adding the upstairs seating made a huge difference.”

And Bodacious Brew is doing way more than just coffee and basic bakery items these days.

“The addition of our huge milkshakes is definitely a significant change,” he says. “They’re epic.”

You’ll want a partner to help you take down one of these mountains of ice cream and sugary goodness. The milkshakes are filled with cookies, candy and lots of magic! Go ahead and ruin your appetite–it’s worth it.

Speaking of ruining appetites, Bodacious has added ‘So Dough’ to their arsenal, which is basically safe-to-eat cookie dough.

“Everyone has those childhood memories of eating cookie dough,” says Alan. “The So Dough really takes you back to those nostalgic moments.”

In case you are in the mood for something less indulgent, Bodacious Brew is still slinging freshly made breakfast from 7-11 AM.

Looking to keep moving? The Bodacious Brew Thru has all of the amazing coffees, teas and breakfast items that are inside Bodacious Brew. Even if you’re not in a hurry, you might want to check out the Brew Thru if you have kids in your group.

“We have the Early Childhood Learning Playground right next to the Brew Thru,” says Alan. “It’s a great little spot for kids to have fun and learn outdoors.”

Bodacious Brew is just the tip of the iceberg at the Bodacious labyrinth of shops. Make sure to stop by these spots after filling your coffee cup.

  • Bodacious Olive: A gourmet shop attached to Bodacious Brew that has high-end olive oils, balsamic vinegar, fresh bread and pasta that is made in-house. This is a can’t-miss for those who love to cook!
  • So Chopped: A salad bar and bistro that specializes in salads that you can create yourself. There are also plenty of wraps and signature salads that will are as healthy as they are delicious!
  • So Gourmet: Located just above Bodacious Brew, the So Gourmet and Kitchenry has a wide range of kitchenware and appliances that would be a perfect addition to any kitchen. There are also cooking classes and events hosted here.

Hurry downtown for the most bodacious spot in Pensacola!

Bodacious is located at 407-D South Palafox St. For more information, visit the Bodacious website or call (850) 433-6505.