Life is Better Under the Umbrella

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Lazy Days Beach Rentals Pensacola Beach FL

Chair Rental Pricing:
$8/hour or $40/day plus tax.

There’s nothing lazy about the beach attendants on Pensacola Beach.

Every day, the team at Lazy Days Beach Rentals, founded by Bill Patterson and managed by Ashley Curd, rises before the sun and starts to work putting out the bright blue cushions that have become synonymous with relaxation on our shores.

They spend countless hours each week putting up umbrellas, fulfilling requests for paddle boards and jet skis, and generally providing awesome local advice to anyone seeking it.

Seriously, you can ask them anything. They know this beach like the back of their (very tan) hands.

“I talk to everyone, carry their heavy coolers over the sand, adjust their umbrellas for the sun and treat them like family,” Ashley says. “By the end of the week, I know them. I’ve got guys phoning me from Michigan for a weather report before they come down.”

They really will treat you like family, especially when it comes to your family’s safety. On top of the set-up and beach cleaning duties, Bill’s crew regularly saves lives. The entire Lazy Days staff is lifeguard certified and have performed countless rescues over the years. (Since 1987, to be exact.)

“We are always pulling people out of the water even though it’s not technically our job. Every one of my guys are surfers and are very water orientated,” Bill says. “Not one of them would hesitate to save someone.”

When a tourist had a cardiac arrest while swimming, he was pulled out of the water by one of the Lazy Days crew members. They gave him CPR, and he survived.

Ashley says, “It’s a comfortable feeling for families. We make sure they have a safe time while they’re here.”

When you’ve been in business for thirty years, pretty much anything that could happen has happened. There are always lots of stories to share at the nightly check-in at Bill’s home, a ritual that dates back to the company’s founding in 1987.

“The guys work out any problems that arise during the day so we can all start fresh the next morning,” Bill says.

Start your day off right with Lazy Days Beach Rentals.

For more information or for pricing, please visit the Lazy Days website or call (850) 698-0928.